We find similar companies like your clients
in Seconds

By indexing all companies worldwide and using Aithena's SimilAir™ software we find more prospects for you based on your current customers

Creating a ranked list of target accounts has never been this easy

Deep Similar
Company Insights

Input a customer's website url
Immediately receive similar companies
Receive in-depth information
Export it easily to CSV
Phone Number
Social Media
Indepth Industry Classification
20+ more
data points

Simple, Affordable Pricing

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/ month
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5 searches in total
No export functionality



/ month
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50 searches per month
2500 similar companies p/mo
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/ month
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100 searches per month
5000 similar companies p/mo
CSV Download
Priority Customer Support
Early Bird Perks: Sign up for the Scale-up plan and get 10 searches per day for free for seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many similar companies do I get per search?

We can deliver a maximum of 50 companies per search to maintain high quality. A great trick is to use the output as input again to find even more prospects.

What if I need more searches?

Reach out to the team! info@inforintelligence.com

How can I give feedback to the team?

We love feedback ❤️! Please reach out to us at info@inforintelligence.com and we will reward you for this 🏅

Do searches expire?

Yes. Searches expire and renew on a monthly basis. Each plan gets you a certain number of searches valid for each month, and the unused searches from one month do not add up to the next month's searchces.




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